Marcia Carty's Biography
Cummings-Grayson & Co., CPA
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My name is Marcia G. Carty (the fourth time my last name has changed since birth, evidencing four marriages).  I would say that this is an indication of my persistence to be all that the Father has called me to be.  I currently live in Miami, Florida.  I am actually a native and also speak communicative Spanish, since now we are considered North “South America or Cuba”.  I love the diversity of where I live - I never know which culture I will experience most until the day is ended.  I am the grateful mother of three (3) children - the eldest is 37 years old, the second is 21 years old and the baby is 15 years old.  My husband is a wonderful man - first, he is a Man of God, and serves in the capacity of a Bishop, and he is a great father.  I am very happy.

I am a practicing CPA in the State of Florida, have been in business for 30 years, and have been employed as well in a variety of positions, ranging from Auditor to Chief Financial Officer to Finance Director to Tax Manager to Adjunct Professor, as well as Fully-vested Professor at an Historically Black University in Florida.   I was a professor for twenty (20) years, initially matriculating at the University of Miami, then Miami Dade Community College to Union Institute to Florida Memorial College, and then finally, Johnson and Wales University.  Most of the subjects taught were accounting, business math, management, taxation, and auditing.

I’m a pioneer in the sense that I am one of the first African American females to start and operate a CPA firm in the State of Florida, but I’m also a novice in that I have really not yet attained my potential.

I have served on many nonprofit organizations’ boards and have assisted the county and city in support positions to the manager of the city and the mayor.  I have owned many businesses, including purchasing a franchise from Jackson Hewett when it began its expansion in 1997 in the South United States.  Currently, my business interests include owning and operating a daycare; and operating the certified public accounting firm.  

I am also employed fulltime as a Finance Director of a community health center (this is in a transitional stage as I am investing more time and energy in the CPA firm now).  I am also a HIPAA and JCAHO consultant, peer reviewer and grant reviewer for HRSA, and most recently, I became certified to conduct OPR and HRSA technical reviews at community health centers.

University of Florida is where in 1975 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and Florida International University is where I attained a Master of Science in Taxation in 1983.  I became a licensed CPA in the State of Florida in 1987.  Currently, I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Phoenix, in the area of Organizational Leadership.

Did I mention that I am in the service of the Most High, and that I function as the co-pastor to the Bishop as we fulfill the assignment that the Father has given us as we reach out to inner-city and damaged parts of the community in South Florida, Haiti, and Africa. 

Fun and hobbies consist of playing, running, tennis, dancing, singing, traveling, laughing, and loving my family.  

I know that the “Hand of the Lord” is upon me, and that He has anointed me to learn, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the world with joy, peace, intellect, compassion, and love.