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   Cummings-Grayson provides specialized construction accounting

Accounting for construction requires specific financial management tools unique to the construction field, which includes job cost reporting, revenue recognition (contract value and percentage of completion), computed earned revenue, cost in excess/billing in excess analysis, and the financial statement. Cummings provide construction accounting services to general contractors, sub contractors, material suppliers, specialty contractors (drywall, etc.), and real estate developers (residential and commercial). Our construction accounting services include:

  • Audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements
  • Income recognition methods
  • Federal and State Tax Credits, Incentives and Deductions, Capital Gain Treatment
  • Profitability Analysis including Job Profitability, Cost Control and Breakeven Analysis
  • Bonding and Surety Assistance & Relationships
  • Percentage-of-Completion Accounting
  • Business Valuation
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Look-back calculations
  • Multi-state tax services
  • Sales and use tax compliance
  • Cost analysis study
  • Overhead application methods
  • Financial analysis and benchmarking

Cummings-Grayson is a full service certified public accounting firm providing entrepreneurs and the owners of small and large construction businesses, highly tailored solutions in the areas of auditing, accounting, tax and advisory. Construction is your business, and serving you is our business – let’s work hand in hand!

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